Recognize Your Value

Note: This post is an updated version of the original post published in Spanish on February 2020. Today these words still resonate and are applicable in a lot of aspects of my personal and professional life.

It is very common for people to let themselves be consumed by the day-to-day. Daily life and routines do not allow us to have time alone to reflect and evaluate how the fulfillment of objectives is taking place, be it personal, professional, or social.

An infinity of movements and technological platforms have emerged today that allows us to force ourselves to take that time. Such is the case of my back-in-time acquisition, SHINE, a digital platform created by women for women whose purpose is to empower them every morning with short meditations, positive messages, and small exercises on certain topics. Two years ago, was a free app, but now you may need to subscribe to get more resources.

On February 20th, 2020, I woke up, I opened the app with some enthusiasm and the topic that appears was Values. That theme suited me very well. And nowadays I still ask myself: What is the value by which I make decisions in my life? Once I identified it, I wondered why? and again about that answer, I asked why? and about this second answer, why?; layer by layer I discovered what moved me (or moves you) to act. The exercise could lead you to reflect, to meditate on whether the objectives are aligned with the life and values that you have set for yourself, and if you are moving on the right path and fighting for what you want based on what you believe.

On the way to work, while doing the exercise, I discovered a very significant personal value for me, and that has been the basis for achieving personal and professional projects throughout these years: Growth. I consider myself an autodidact. I love reading everything. My previous partner used to tell me that my general knowledge was a personal plus that contributed a lot to the relationship.

Based on that, I found that the value of GROWTH has led me down career paths (I have completed two postgraduate degrees and studied two languages different from Spanish), I have ventured to travel and explore different cultures, to get involved in the world of NGOs, even becoming co-founder of a foundation for neurodegenerative diseases. A huge growth process!

Now, analyzing all those aspects that have led me to this growth, it is also important to be clear about where the decisions are headed. Being so broad can play against you, and take you down an undefined path; dispersing resources and knowledge can have its drawbacks. “You may know a lot about everything” but you are not specific about something.

These are factors that are adverse when you decide to undertake or start a project: “I know about this subject, but it is very basic”, “I do not have enough experience in this area, although I had the opportunity to study it on one occasion”.

Originally tweeted by Shine (@TheShineApp) on February 19, 2020.

I think that doing this exercise is an excellent way to refresh yourself, recognize yourself and bring yourself to the base of everything. You can find again those things that prompted you at some point to take the initiative in a process of change, in an idea or a plan. Reliving the emotion and the feeling of what led you to materialize that desire can be the impetus for the next project you have in mind.

Based on your values and managing to align them with your objectives, you will find the key to success for that project or venture that you want to materialize.

Here I leave the reference article.

The Best Goals Start With ‘Why’

Here I leave the original post in Spanish.

Reconoce Tu Valor

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